ProHealth Medical Clinic

Welcome to ProHealth Medical Clinic.  We are committed to delivering top quality healthcare.

Currently, we are staffed by family physicians (2 of whom are affiliated with the University of Toronto), an allergist, a gastroenterologist, an oncologist, a dietician and a registered nurse. 

We are pleased to offer ONLINE bookings for appointments for existing patients of Dr. Iris Chang and Dr. David Hsu.  Please click on the following link to make an appointment online at your convenience. You will not need to call the office to confirm the appointment once booked online.  You will need to book the appointment under your own e-mail address.  If you will be booking for a family member using your e-mail address, please indicate this so that we can process the booking properly.  Thank you.

For patients registered with our office, we are also pleased to announce the launch of PROHEALTH PLUS 最新电话医疗计划 (in Chinese 中文 and English), our new telephone medicine program.  By enrolling in this program, you will have access to our office’s registered nurse for telephone medical advice, Monday to Fridays from 9am to 5pm.  She will have access to your medical records and have the back-up of a family physician. This non-insured service is not covered by OHIP. For more information, please speak with our office staff.

歡迎來到 ProHealth 醫療診所。 我們致力於提供優質的醫療保健。 目前,我們的醫療團隊有家庭醫生,過敏症專家,胃腸病學家,腫瘤科醫生,營養師和護士。對於已經註冊以下家庭醫生的患者:Dr. Iris Chang & Dr. David Hsu,我們很高興通過互聯網提供預約服務。 請點擊這裡。 一旦在線預訂,您無需致電辦公室確認預約。